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Max DV code for Pokemon in party?

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Hi I found a similar code for Gen 1 games, even including Yellow, but I can't find one for Gen 2.

Specifically Pokemon Crystal, but if it was for Gold/Silver only that is fine too.

DVs were the Gen 1 and 2 version of IVs in case someone is curious.

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Ewww. 7 months no reply. Oh well... Better late than never. I'm still looking for these codes... and I know it was possible because I did this 5 years ago when my cheater of a friend did the same thing battling me...



That code changes the first Pokemon to max DVs for Pokemon Crystal... I think. Let me test this first.

EDIT: Yes, it works. My female Dratini turned male and had very balanced stats as if it were maximum. Due to the sexist nature of the DVs during this gen (not complaining... I like it), that is how the gender transformed!

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