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Pokémon Black and White E4 CHALLENGE


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Ok so this is my first rom hack! (So don't expect anything like woahh)

This rom hack is basically an edit of the elite four in Pokémon Black and White.

The purpose was to make the elite four a little bit more challenging.

This version that I am releasing Beta 1. Only Shauntal is edited. I plan to give every

member at least on legendary pokemon for there team.

Hopefully I can release another version today! You will need xDeltaGUI

to patch the Rom. I have included xDeltaGUI and the steps in the download.

Screenshots -



Credits- KazoWAR's BWTE

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Looks cool, but if it's a total plain hack with only one trainer edit, that doesn't deserve a Version 1 but a testing Beta. Also, if you only edit the E4, it'll be like freaking hard defeating a simple trainer at lvl ~40 and suddenly the E4 is lvl 100. You should really fix many things.

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