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Can someone help me confirm this?


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I use Pokemon Platinum (U)

I download the Platinum 0.06d poksav.

I create Legendary Pokemon such as Mew, and the Three Legendary dogs, etc.

I set the information to (Pal Parked), because they are retro GBA Pokemon, so the trash bytes will be mixed up.

I use the Trash Byte Normalizer to fix my .pkm save files.

I add it to the Legal program to check if it's legit.

Everything is passed EXCEPT the Unknown GBA type dilemma.


Now I have several problems.

As I've been reading along, the Legal program does NOT work with Platinum saves?


Trash Byte Normalizer cannot fix Platinum Version Pokemon trash strings?


People can't edit Pal Parked Pokemon, but everything works for me as I stated above...?



So can anyone fill in the holes for me? :kikkoman:

For I am super confused... :(

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