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Regigigas Korea


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Nintendo of Korea will be giving Regigigas in the same way they gave the mew.

Below is the website of the image


Pokemon collecting event 6th

National Pokedex 486

type normal

species: colossal pokemon

height 3.7m

weight 420kg

One of the most difficult pokemon to obtain

June 20th, and 21st

Techno Mart B1 Shin Do Rim

What you need

A game( Diamond or Pearl)

A nintendo DS

You may enter, after being inspected if it is a real game.

You cannot recieve unless it is Korean.

If you have used a cheating device your saved data may be deleted.

you can recieve only one on each game card.

It might end early if there are too many people.

Make sure you have less than 3 wonder cards.

If you transfer this to pokemon Platinum(Giratina) The regi event will be activated. Korean Version on July 2nd

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