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Need some help with 3rd Gen pkm hex offsets


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Hey all,

I don't know if many people here have any experience with pkm files taken from a 3rd gen game, but for anyone who does, I have a problem that I could use some help with.

I created a DDMence in Enciclopedia Pokemon (kind of like PokeSav for 3rd gen), it probably wouldn't pass a 4th gen legal test because it has all 31s and a naive nature but other than that, it's mostly legal. The thing is, since it has an egg move (Dragon Dance), I put it in a normal Poke ball and tried to make it look hatched on Hoenn Route 117. The problem is, there is no option in Enciclopedia Pokemon to make the Pokemon appear hatched - just one for making it an egg. So I opened the pkm file in a hex editor to see if I could manually adjust whichever bytes control the "egg hatched" data, but I have no idea which offset it is. Bulbapedia has a basic guide to the data structure of the pkm file, but I can't determine exactly where the "egg" data is. Could anyone help me out here?

EDIT: Never mind, I figured out that setting "Level met" to 0 in EP makes it show the egg hatched note. Could a mod close this thread please?

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Figured it out
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