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Trainer's Back Sprite how to change it ! Small Tutorial

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In this post i will show how to change the trainers back sprite:

I am from brazil :wink: soory for the bad english lol

To change the Backsprite we will need the file from the room HG/SS

which are in the folder a/ 0/0/6

and this tools : Nitro explorer, Kiwi ds , poke ds pic

in this i will show how to turn the hero into lance lol

1> extract the file from the rom and put in the same folder that is the kiwi.

2> open de poke dspic and find the frames of lance wich i think its the 19 to 23 and the hero are 0 to 4 ( every backsprite only has five files )

3> now open the kiwi and drop the narc file from the room and extract and will show a list of nwe files whith the name like and put this file in a separeted folder whith the name ''6'' the same name of the narc file ( dont put the narc file and the folder 6 on the same place cause one will try to delet the other)

this > 6_000.rgcn

6_001.rlcn this files are the hero frames colors etc

the hero files go to 6_000 to 6_0004 only the hero has like two backsprites one whith the poke ball and other without the poke ball wich are 6_075 to 6_079

lance go 6_019 to 6_023

Now for the real change > you will need to rename the files

get the 6_019 and rename for 6_000 follow the number sequence

6_000 >> 6_019

doing this you will change the sprites lol

cause in HG/SS the pokemon follow you there is another five frames fo the hero wich is the 6_075

just rename again the file like this

6_019 to 6_075 and follolw the sequence

once you done all of this

copy all the renamed files to the folder ''6'' open kiwi ds and go to tools>make narc file

when you do this another file will appear ''6.narc'' just rename to ''6'' and inject on the room here a/0/0/6

and its done

LOL if is to complicted just reply and i will see what i can do and again sory for the english xD

I dont now if i can post this here but i have a Platinum edition whith lance ( only has some things i coundt replace ) i gona post the link for download

great gaming xD



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Can you give me anhoter link from the game whit Lance ando can you make some soul silver whit the rival as player and backsprite

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