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Please rate my team

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My team conists of in order:

1.Dragonite lvl100, knows Hyper Beam, Dragon Claw, Thunder Punch, and Ice Beam.

2.Darkrai lvl 100 knows Dark Void, Shadow Ball, Spacial Rend(From TRU event), and Psychic

3.Manaphy lvl 100 knows Surf, Ice Beam, Power Jem, and Psywave

4. Regigigas lvl 100 knows Crush Grip, Body Slam, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch

5. Palkia lvl 100 knows Spacial Rend, Ice Beam, Draco Meteor, and Surf

6. Dialga lvl100 knows Roar of Time, Flash cannon, Dragon Rush, and Thunder Bolt

I spent much time breeding most of these pokemon to their designated levels so please take the time to rate thank you

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