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If you encounter something that you think is wrong, please make a thread describing the issue in as much detail as possible in the Bugs subforum. Finding a way to reproduce the problem consistently is the best way to help me experience it myself so I can fix it.

Struckout text indicates that the problem is fixed in the next release.

  • When saving save files, party .pkm files, or generating codes for party Pokemon, the party-specific data of the Pokemon won't be written exactly as the game does. (At least for Black/White.) This can (Or maybe always? I have no idea.) cause the Pokemon to not be valid for online use. This can be resolved by not generating party Pokemon, or depositing the Pokemon into the PC and withdrawing it. This cannot be fixed without the remainder of the party data being researched.
  • C-Gear background image modification won't work in save states. This is for the same reason that there are no codes for C-Gear images. This will require extensive effort to find a way to change, and may not be done.

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