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crystal Pokémon Crystal Complex

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Hack Of:

Pokemon Crystal (U)

Rom Name:

Pokemon Crystal Complex


Lunar IPS


Welcome to Thread for Pokemon Crystal Complex. This is an 'enhancement' of the original Pokemon Crystal, which includes different features (listed below). This is for those people who enjoy a challenge. I admit I do NOT know how to edit maps or I don't know anything about Hex at the current moment, however, If I do learn how to understand and use hexs and edits ect I may insert some into this game!

I have never created a hack before and my skills with hacking tools aren't so strong. I have made this game challenging

(and I have completed it, so it is not impossible :creep:) Heres a taster: Clair's Pokemon go beyond Level 60 and Red's Pokémon may reach Level 100 :rolleyes:. The main reason I have created this hack, or 'edit' is because in the original games, we all know that Pokemon G/S/C was WAY too easy so this makes it more of a challenge.

The current release (in the download section) only has a few minor alterations which I will list in the features section, so I hope you enjoy this and leave feedback! :).


*Remember, this is still in the early stages and has alot of work to be done.

  • Increased Difficulty
  • Harder Gyms
  • Edited Trainers (Too Be Added)
  • Evolutions Edited!
  • Different Gym Types
  • All 251 Catchable (Finishing)
  • TM's Changed
  • More to come!

Increased Difficulty - Meaning the wild Pokémon, trainers, Gym Leaders ect. have all been edited so they are more difficult.

Harder Gyms - Gym Leaders much more difficult to defeat!

Edited Trainers - Trainers throughout Johto & Kanto have better teams & levels!

Evolutions Changed - Yep! No more trading your Haunter to evolve to Gengar, instead, you only need to level them up!

Different Gym Types - No longer do the Gym Leaders use the types they used in Pokemon G/S/C, instead, they use different types, i'll leave you to find out who uses what.. oh and yes, there IS a Dark-type Gym!

All 251 Pokémon Catchable - Yep! Now you can catch ALL 251 Pokémon.. Well to an extent (You Wont find Pokémon like Charizard, Blastoise & Venasaur) however, you CAN find Bulbasaur, Charmander & Squirtle to evolve them! (Still Finishing)

TM's Changed - Meaning the TMs given by the Gym Leaders now match their type i.e Falkner used to give you TM 31 (Mudslap) now you get TM 31 (Fury Cutter) if he was Bug-Type

Download Section

Download Here:


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