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Poké Portal Event #29 - Mighty Mewtwo Showdown: Mewtwo the Unrivaled

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Event description
This is an event raid held by Scarlet and Violet. Notably, with this event you get a chance to encounter Tera raids featuring a level 100 (Shiny locked) Mewtwo with the Psychic Tera type, and level 75 Scizor, Hydreigon, Hatterene, Grimmsnarl and Blissey.

Additionally, a special interaction occurs if the player brings a Mew to the raid, (not limited to the "My very own Mew" event Mew):

  • The text "Mew is going to go all out against this formidable opponent!" appears.
  • Mew receives a 50% boost to its HP, and a 20% boost to all 5 other stats for the duration of the battle.
  • If Mewtwo is defeated and/or captured, any Mew present in the raid also gain the Mightest Mark, granting them the title Mew the Unrivaled.

This event run from September 1 to 17, 2023.

How to encounter Mighty raid in-game
For 7-Stars Raids to be findable by players, they must first have unlocked 6-Stars Raids through story progression. This requires completing the entire game story and the post game until the academy tournament. Players must then complete 10 4-stars or 5-stars raids.

Only after all these steps have been performed, the player will receive a call from Jacq, which he will proceed to tell you about dangerous black crystal raids.

What can be done with these files
The files to be imported into your save file are placed in the Files directory. We also provide human-readable data in Json format, and an Identifier.txt file containing the event index.

Use our tutorial to import these files into your save.

After importing you might need to advance one day in the Date/Time from your console System Settings, to reroll the dens.

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