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WC #1514 - Pokémon HOME Canvas Backpack (Poké Ball)

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This gift was given through a Serial Code available for those who participated in at least 3 battles during the online competition 2023 Global Challenge I. The serial code was sent to players as a Pokémon HOME Mystery Gift.

 #1514: Pokémon HOME Gift
     Canvas Backpack (Poké Ball)
  Serial Code | SV | Only One Allowed | Starting from April 10, 2023

Format Ver.3.0.1-5, Post Updated Date:20230410_1838

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Dear @Jacke, the Report button is for reporting content against our sites' rules, not for asking general questions about files usage.


how to install in pkhex

Item/clothing wondercards for Switch games can not be used in PKHeX. These wondercards are not stored in the save files. Users can eventually use SGDM to redeem the wondercards in their game through BCAT Injection.


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