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When players first launch the mobile app version of Pokémon HOME, they'll be given a choice to choose a Kanto starter.
This Kanto starter comes with it's hidden ability.


This Pokémon's language follows the language that was set on the mobile app.
This Pokémon's OT Gender follows the gender of the avatar the player picked.


The first version of this Gift, up until the Pokémon HOME 3.0 update, granted a Pokémon with PID, Encryption Constant, and HT/WT with null values.
The Pokémon Home 3.0 update made some changes to the Mystery Gift behaviour. The Rev. 2 of this Gift granted players a Pokémon with random PID, Encryption Constant and HT/WT.

What's New in Version 06/11/23 07:48 PM   See changelog


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