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Trade and Battle Day (JEREMY) .

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About This File

Back in September 25, 2004, the toys retailer TOYS "Я" US in United States had a single day event, where some Pokémon were distributed to players.

These following mons were known to be distributed (red means missing):

Like the MYSTRY Mew distribution, it appears that the distribution across the stores used the same cloned save, and were distributed to players via trade.

Some of the mons in this archive came from LordHuffnPuff.
In this archive, most of the files are .pk3. Also important to note that Machoke & Haunter was received as a Machamp & Gengar respectively, since it was distributed by trade and it wasn't holding an Everstone.
Devolved Machoke
& Haunter was added, as it was potentially possible for the player to request for a double trade (to send over an Everstone), and getting the staff to help them attach it to Machoke/Haunter, as unlikely as that may be.

The .pk4 format entries were removed, as they were potentially faked.

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