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Windswept Sky

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  1. Delibird

    This Delibird was available to be befriended in the Dream World Isle called the Windswept Sky.
    The gender of the Delibird is variable, meaning players may befriend a male or female variant.
    Depending on the player's score on the mini-game, it'll come with only the first slot Present with no second slot,
    or the second slot will come with the special moves either Ice Shard or Focus Punch.

    Windswept Sky was available by default from the opening of the Dream World September 18, 2010,
    till the closing of Dream World January 14, 2014.

    Windswept Sky originally required 5,000 Dream Points and the player to own 4 badges on the save to access it,
    however December 21, 2010 onward, the Dream Points requirement was reduced to 2,500 (badge requirement remained).
    Furthermore, if the player already has the Delibird in their Entree Forest uncaptured,
    the date of capture can literally be any date.
    (Additionally, the NDS date system could have been changed to any date anyway)
         Species   Delibird   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   Windswept Sky   Location   Entree Forest   Dates   (Various)   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   BW B2W2                                                                Lv. 10    Nature   Random   Ability   Insomnia (HA)   Item   None    Moves       Present   Variable Move   (None)   (None)

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