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Coming Soon: The Blog Sidebar



A new forum update is coming soon, and one of the features I'm looking forward to is the blog sidebar. Project Pokémon recently got Blogs. They're already your personal corner of the site, and with this, you can customize them even further.

From the IPS Community website:


The sidebar now features a space reserved for Blog owners to add a little further info, add links to social network sites, contact info, or anything at all they desire.

blog sidebar.png

The New Blog Sidebar

The sidebar will show across all of the Blog pages (unlike the Blog description) and uses the standard built in text editor which supports all of the usual features such as embeds, images, links, and all other editor plugins you have enabled.

Editing the sidebar is as easy as editing the Blog info via the Manage Blog menu. It's then a simple matter of toggling the sidebar on and entering the info.

edit sidebar.png

Editing The Sidebar


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