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Release Backgrond:

Me, a common pokemon player, these days enjoying adjust some pokemons stats to make up missing from official design considering 1v1 or 2v2 battle.

For an example How about Torterra has type Grass+Rock instead of Grass+Ground, How about it has more reasonable base stats distribution like gen8, gen9 start pokemon ? How about gen2 start pokemon Feraligatr has second type: Dragon, since its prototype is crocodiles and it's regarded dragon in many regions. etc.

For gen8-9. there is pkNX.

For gen6-7, there is pk3ds.

For gen5, there is proc_bw and proc_bw2.

For gen4, ??

For gen3, there is awesome HexManiacAdvance.

Which tool should i use if want to edit Platnium or HGSS ?

My research got alomost one solution: PPRE.

However my use experience is bad for PPRE:

For PPRE1 (0.14b) It can edit pokemon stats , contains cirtical bug for moves edit saving.

For PPRE2.2 It just can't export new rom beacuse of a baisc mistake.

So I have to review its code try to find what's going wrong (and solve it).

What I did:

The PPRE2 project hasn't been maintained since about 11 yr ago. First, I've found a most recently updated fork (from skeetcha 3 yr ago) as boot. 

Second, the project using python2 + pyqt4, both of them are no longer maintained before many years ago, and you even can't find python binds for qt4 on recent Linux distributions! We have to upgrade it both from python2 to python3 and pyqt4 to pyqt5 ! It takes three days to understand the project code and do migration debug. (most of them caused by python2 python3 str type difference)

Also I migrate the origin bundle tool from poor pyexe to pyinstaller.

Third, the origin project also contanins many bugs and unimplemented features, I refined the code and simplified the app use process.

Last, I added a new open recently project feature for easy use.

What's new:

1. Main bug fixs

2. Bettter user experience

At least, we can happily use the editor edit and saving pokemon stats, moves and texts for gen4 !

I reversion it as PPRE2 v0.2. 


download from github or from attachment (windows)


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