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!!! Help with Action Replay Code Manager - Won't recognize AR

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panth3r    10


Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this: I saw this forum section talked about action replay so I just kind of figured...

Alright, here's the deal: I got a AR a lil' bit ago. I installed the Action Replay Code Manager (looks the same as the one in that guide that's stickied) on my friends comp {he owed me a favor}.

So I plug in the AR to a usb, the usb to a computer (It was running Windows 7), and opened the manager. It didn't find the Action Replay!!! :'(

I did hit the connect button in the AR, it said that it was looking for my comp, it sat for 10 minutes and nothing happened.


So, now I'm here, requesting help.


PS: I'm doing this because I need the code for a shiny stone and a water stone... lol. All for that damn togekiss and poliwhirl. Gah!

PPS: Double thanks. Please respond/PM to help!

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Dahon    10

Windows 7 isn't compatible with Action Replay software yet

and yeah this might be the wrong section

Edited by Dahon

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Dahon    10

is it really?

it hasn't worked on my pc since Windows 7 was released

always fails to recognize the PC

whenever i ask codejunkies they don't respond normally and just send the link to that article

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