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    • By camus0314 · Posted
      ¿Cuando sale la nueva actualización del programa?
    • By gauxel · Posted
      Thanks for this, but the PKHex program as of 05/10/2017 flags this one as illegal. The errors given are: - Evolution Level satifsfied (Can be solvedby increasing the current level) - Invalid move for Cotton Guard (This too can be solved by replacing with another valid move) - Unknown origin or origin game encounter invalid (This one is not solvable in any way, so just wanted to report that OP update the PKM when convenient.) EDIT 05/11/2017 All the errors have been fixed. Thanks to @Kaphotics and @theSLAYER.
    • By honcoop91 · Posted
      corrupted file// no event files will download
    • By cothurn · Posted
      Its legal and everything, but for some reason the mew does not listen to my command (I dragged and dropped this in pkHeX into a pokemon Sun savefile, and I am the champion so level shouldnt be the issue) Nvm, seems like I am doing something wrong on my part. Will update after some testing Tried 4 files of in the folder, none of them obeys me. On the other hand, the modest one I got from the database obeys me. I have no idea why. So after some further testing, this is what it came down to: The four mews from this zip obeys sometimes,(but I am the champion, they are level 30, they have the fateful counter flag, so I have no idea why), and the modest one went through 5 battles without disobeying, and I am counting that as a good sign(although when I changed its level with pksm once it stopped obeying, so be extra careful with it).    TLDR: This mew don't obey in gen7 for some reason, no idea why, the other, less perfect one, which can be found here, seems to be working fine. Although manipulating its data can result in disobedience, too, somehow. I would like an explanation for this  I am stupid, somehow I deleted my stamps. This is the best thing I have ever seen.
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