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Project Pokémon Event Gallery

Welcome to the Project Pokémon Event Gallery!

Miss a Pokémon Event? Weren’t able to attend? This is the next best way to add them to your collection!

Here you can find the Mystery Gift and Wonder Card files for Event Pokémon, as well as plenty of information and images.

Events are listed in general chronological order, with similar events being grouped together (ie, Japanese Pokémon Sunday events, PBR, or different distributions of the English Regigigas are listed together, rather than being separated).
Dates are noted in US format (ie, mm/dd/yyyy)
Event items can be found at the end of each section.
Detailed information is displayed in each entry, and you can view a full image of the Wonder Card (and in some cases, distribution images) by clicking on the small card icon in each entry.
Items that a player is not normally able to obtain, Abilities that a Pokémon is not normally able to have, and moves that a Pokémon normally can’t learn are all marked in red text.
Moves that a Pokémon can learn at a higher level are marked in blue text.
Moves that a Pokémon could learn via Egg Moves, TMs, or methods in previous generations are marked in green text.

Generation V events are in pgf file format which contains the card and the corresponding gift. Generation IV events files are in pcd format (for the Wonder Card) and pgt format (for the gift itself).
You can use Pokegen to insert the files into your game’s sav file directly, or generate AR codes.
It is not recommended to use Pokesav (Japanese OR translated versions) for non-Japanese games and events as it has many errors in handling some special characters outside of the Japanese character set.

The Generation V event sections are complete, but always growing.
The Generation IV event sections are complete, but with some files not yet contributed.
A section for English and Japanese Dream World events has also been added.
A section for Pokémon obtained in My Pokémon Ranch has also been added.
A section for Japanese Pokémon obtained in Pokémon Dream Radar has also been added.
The next step will be Gen IV pkm files such as the Pokémon sets from Colosseum and XD, and then Gen III events (in Gen IV Pal Parked pkm format).

This Gallery is a community project, so if you would like to contribute files from events you have attended,
you can submit them HERE, for Gen V or HERE, for Gen IV.
For the latest updates and event details, you can always check here, or at the Contribution thread.

If you know of a newly announced event, you can report it by creating a thread in THIS forum section.

New information and errors can be reported in each Event’s respective thread in THIS forum section, or in THIS THREAD if the event does not have its own thread.

The Project Pokémon Event Gallery is a community project, but was compiled and organized by Guested who has been following Pokémon events avidly since Generation III. He has received a significant amount of help from a number of other members in compiling this gallery such as:
- Event research and support from Bond697
- Help with html structure from ToastPlusOne, Alpha, and Tomxc (Tomxc also provided the download icons)
- Help from Serebii with missing European event dates
- And general help and support over the years from Fenzo, Poryhack, Alpha, Nigoli, Sabresite, and others who helped keep the database alive in some form or another throughout the years.
And, of course: Help from the community with sharing event news and details with other members and contributing the events themselves (the main heart of this collection) from all parts of the Pokémon world.