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  • Gen 8 Specific Edits

    How to edit things specific to Generation 8 save files
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      Encounter wanted Max Raid Pokémon

      This tutorial is made with the presumption that you are capable of understanding and following simple steps. While you may ask questions on details regarding the subject, you CANNOT ask on the how to inject/extract save file, how to install CFW etc. There are other tutorials for that (and this tutorial presumes you already know those things) Required items 1. PKHeX 2. able to extract and inject a modified SWSH save 3. A working internet browser (in case you wanna check what den has what mons, etc) 4. Latest version of Leanny's plugin   Steps 1. Load your game on your Switch, save in-game, then export the save with your favorite save manager. 2. Figure out what mon resides at (a) what physical den, and (b) what pool does it reside in. (Our page sorts them out by the physical dens, as listed in Leanny's plugin as well as PKHeX’s raid parameters. Also, you can fight Dens via here.) In this case, I'll go for G-Butterfree. For (b), it can be found in the Rare Den. Open the page where it can be found, and take note of the (c) stars and percentage chance. 3. Load the save into PKHeX 4. Open Leanny's Plugin (Tools>Display Raids), scroll to den found previously (a), then open Raid Calculator. In my case, it's Rolling Fields 3. You should see the seed in Den Search being the same seed as the one displayed on your Raid List. If it is not the same seed, type in the seed value into Den Search.   5. Now, change the species, IVs and other stats as you deem fit. Once done, hit Search. Once found, copy the Seed displayed. In my case, I want Square Shiny Male G-Butterfree. (Note: may take awhile to find the entry) 6. Exit Leanny's Plugin, with the same PKHeX window,  go to SAV > Raids. Go to the (a), and paste the seed, as well as set the Dentype and flag (parameters based on this page) For my case, it will be G-Butterfree. So I scroll to Den 003, as found in (a). I set Den Type to Rare, as it is a rare den As per (c) I intend to fight it at 1 star, and it's noted to be 10% chance, and based on the page, it's the last 10% of 1 star on the page. As such, randroll is 91 - 100 (last ten entries to 100), and star is 0 (for stars, it starts with 0th index, so it's intended -1) I've drawn arrows at the values that needs to be changed. Example on how randroll correlates to the percentages on serebii 6. Save the save in PKHeX, import it into your game. 7. Now find the den in your game. If you're lost, Leanny's plugin has a mini-map that can show where the den is.   8. Alas, at the physical den, is your encounter! For my case, my 1 star square shiny male Butterfree is achieved!  
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      Extracting Local Wonder Cards

      Our team are able to extract local wonder cards from PCAPs (provided someone is there to capture them). PCAPs can be captured through Wireshark, using a mobile computer to sniff the packets via the local broadcasts. While a proper tutorial is presently not up yet, here's what you can do. Look through the following videos .These videos may come in handy for some people to get a grasp on Wireshark   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo9nQxxgP_I - Basic - Talks about enabling monitor mode on linux outside of Wireshark - Part of an easy to digest series (6 minute videos) with some content related to capturing packets with Wireshark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdV6cVVV-jU - More detailed - Goes over monitor mode (what it is and why to use it) - Filtering - Various tips and tricks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltfWjpNcn20 - Very basic - Goes over the different wireless modes (including monitor) - Describes what Beacon Frames are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X5TwvGXHP0 - Very basic - High level overview of wireshark - Shows how to setup monitor mode    
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      Block Editing

      PKHeX is now able to edit parts of the save, known as save blocks. It allows users to export and import various save blocks. Here's a tutorial on how to get it done.Steps 0. Keep a safe backup of your unedited save, somewhere on your computer. We're not liable if this results in a corrupted save. 1. Make sure you redownloaded and use the latest PKHeX. (Initial version with this feature caused corruption. Additionally, older copies do not have the feature) 2. Load the target save in PKHeX. 3. Now, click on SAV on the tabs. 4. Now, click on the button Block Data 5. Another window should open up.   6. Scroll through the dropdown list at Block Key:. For this example, I'll be importing the file normal_encount into *Object KNormalEncount (Original quote below, can be found here) Since I'm importing into *Object KNormalEncount, that is what my screenshot shows. 7. Now that Block Key: is showing the correct value, select Import Current Block. 8. A window should pop-up. Select the correct file to import, then select Open. In my case, I'm importing the file normal_encount.   9. Now that the file has been imported, close only the first window   10. Then, proceed to File > Export SAV... > Export main   11. Now close PKHeX. If you want to make sure the new save file is not corrupted, reopen PKHeX and try to load the save.   12. You're done. Now reimport the save into your Switch to observe the effects.   Note: As of v.1.2.0 of the game, they added a new file called normal_encount_rigel1, which I've been told is required for wild area events to work. For wild area events Index 24 and lesser, simply also import normal_encount into knormalencountrigel1. This means normal_encount is imported into two block IDs, being knormalencount and knormalencountrigel1.
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