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  1. 26 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Hello @Foxfire94, welcome officially.

    I'm going to try to be concise: you made it sound like it was personal, but it wasn't.
    We reviewed rom hacks, checked if they contained rom files, and removed any and all links to them, plain and simple.
    (edit: this thread explains why rom files were also deemed not acceptable on our site.)

    I can understand being unhappy when you feel that you're being "personally attacked", and probably nothing I can say would convince you otherwise.
    As for "deleting discord links", I don't really use Discord (I might participate in General or Pokemon once in a while, but I'm usually on staff chats, so I don't see the common content, so I don't use it in that sense), so I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you assumed it was me when it was someone else..?

    I'm not sure what made you think it's targeted to your group specifically, but I assure you it isn't.
    I would like to convince you otherwise, but I don't know what will make you feel so, and I personally doubt I'll be able to.
    In any case, have a great day.

    Edit: Looks like I misunderstood what you meant by "deleting discord links". I'm leaving my original response up, for transparency sake.
    Also, you've brought up a point of other pages linking to their wordpress containing rom files. We'll review that and act accordingly.
    In the future, use the Report button on the page to bring the issue to our eyes. Thanks for reporting.

    Hello again,

    From our experience it certainly seemed personal, especially since no other Rom Hacks were affected in the slightest until we brought up the hypocrisy of deleting our links and leaving other's links intact. If you were reviewing Rom Hacks with this in mind before we had ours reviewed & removed why were the other, now removed, Rom Hacks deemed acceptable?

    Your continued tone here is comparable to sneering at this point, you cannot presume to know how we feel nor should you assume we're saying we've been "personally attacked". I simply highlighted that they way in which the events transpired indicated we were the first to be reprimanded for posting our links and it was only when we point out how you were fine with others doing the same that you deleted their links too. Additionally the thread you linked as to why the Rom files are now unacceptable was only posted just over an hour ago as of the time of writing. Such information would've been useful to have known and to have been posted when you first deleted our links, or the links of every other Gen 6/7 Rom hack on your site.

    Finally I see it has been nearly half an hour since I informed you about the links to SS/PM being hosted off site and linked in the forum and yet they remain, surely they'd fall under the same ruling as the link to our discord? If not I'll get darklink1010 to post the links to our discord in the original post again.

  2. 31 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Erm, while I can see where your sentiment on "running away from the problem" came from,
    maybe it was deleted because your original response wasn't constructive criticism, but was likened to baseless slander?
    I don't know the reasoning behind it's deletion, so I can't answer you regarding that (I'm clearly not a mind reader);
    I wasn't the one that deleted those responses (if it wasn't clear).

    Still, I got to stand by the person who deleted it. The responses above doesn't seem professional nor mature to me.
    In any case, yeah, I am waiting for the stuff to be re-uploaded. I don't see any reason for them not to be.
    I don't play rom hacks but I understand why other people enjoy them, so yeah, I would like it if people uploaded files that don't break the rules.

    If you think it is a hassle to use another tool (and rather use rom files), and prefer not re-upload it cause it's troublesome, then I won't force your hand.

    Hello there,

    Another member of the dev team here, thought I'd make an account to add my voice to this discussion. The initial problem we were having was unfair targeting from the moderator who originally deleted the link to our Rom Hack's files ( you, theSlayer ) which were in the same format as every other Gen 6/7 Rom Hack listed on this forum, something which you'd had no problem with. It was only after we pointed out the disparity in removing our files but leaving the links for something like Supernova Sun/Penumbra Moon up was hypocritical that you removed the links from all Gen 6/7 Rom Hacks listed on the forum. You then began insisting we compress our files with your proprietary program that's both ineffective and difficult for the end user who just wants to play the Rom Hack. You also deleted the links to our discord, presumably because we host links to download the Rom Hack files there too, but you seem to be completely fine with the aforementioned Supernova Sun/Penumbra Moon adding a link to their wordpress that contains links to download the Rom Hack files, the same links previously deleted from their page by you.

    I do apologise for the vulgar and unprofessional nature of my team member's posts although I do believe it was somewhat warranted considering the seemingly targeted and unfair response we've had both being initially informed of this sudden change to what's allowed to be posted as well as the follow up for it. I'm unsure how to reply more directly but evandixon we'd like to complain about the unprofessional/unhelpful/hypocritical attitude of your moderator theSlayer in dealing with this issue. Likewise I'll post this in the feedback forum as you've mentioned, but this move to push your compression software has effectively shot yourself in the foot and made it almost impossible for players to actually play Gen6/7 Rom Hacks.

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