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    The links has been removed, as it contains files from roms.

    Awaiting @darklink1010 to reupload the appropriate files.

    We're not going to reupload them, it's not worth our time with your tool. You've shut down every 3DS hack on the web, to promote some shitty tool that doesn't work. You've pushed it far enough, and we're all sick of it. If you have an issue, deal with it. It is in no way illegal to upload modded 3DS romFS files for our hack, as you can't even build the game itself without the missing ones. If you want, get another moderator in here. We're not going to listen to 1 person telling us to use their tool. Hell, do you even have proof that it works with 3DS? As 1.It uses XDelta patches which are made almost entirely for NDS roms, and 2. For as long as you've been pushing Darklink to do this, you haven't even shown him proof. At the rate it is now, I don't even know how you're a mod. 


    We worked our asses off for almost a year on this, and we didn't do it just for us to be shut down. We appreciate you noticing us tho :P

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