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  1. 3 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:


    Hey, load it up in PkHeX,

    Hold down control as You click the legality analysis icon, screenshot and show it to me :)

    (simply put, I'm not by my computer right now)


    Valid Move 1: Learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 2: Learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 3: Learned by Level-up.
    Valid Move 4: Learned by Level-up.
    Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid.
    Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid.
    Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid.
    Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid.

    Fishy: TID and SID are equal.
    Valid: Valid gift/static encounter.
    Valid: Nickname matches species name.
    Valid: Current level is not below met level.
    Valid: All ribbons accounted for.
    Valid: Ability matches ability number.
    Valid: Correct ball for encounter type.
    Valid: Gender matches PID.
    Valid: Nature matches PID.
    Valid: History block is valid.
    Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region.

    Encounter Type: Static Encounter (Pt) (Darkrai)
    Origin Seed: 3EF7F4E6
    PID Type: Method_1


    Pkhex says that is legal, but many people are saying that can be legal so i have this trouble, once again thax for the help :D


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