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  1. no, the reason it can't load pokemon is because the CR0 files in them are RSA signed with retail keys and we don't know the retail keys to decrypt and run them on Citra, for example, Smash demo runs perfectly because there are no CR0 files in the RomFS but the actual smash game can't run because of the CR0 and same for Pokemon, Citra can deal with Card 2 games pretty easily actually

  2. Lua is very flexible xD

    We even edited scripted scenes ! evandixon hasn't uploaded it yet, but I messed with the intro scene and I changed a lot of stuff. It was pretty funny to see Pikachu's head spinning at weird angles xD It was a bit unstable though. I wonder how accurate the decompiler was..

    (Debugging modded scripts is going to be complicated though.. Unless we write a lua ui to place over everything else to display debug messages on, or something like that.. Or just manage to toggle on the debug mode that's mentioned in the scripts.)

    And I'm sure we could find extra hooks and function to call from the scripts if we'd search the binaries! (Or maybe even some of the ones used in Etrian Mystery Dungeon were already in PMD GTI ?)

    I'd need a RAM dump to have a better idea though.. It would really beat reading through a decompiled binary.

    I also wonder if we can't load shared libraries through the lua script, since lua comes with a function for that.. However I don't know much about their ARM lua build.. I know the ARM11 can work with a form of shared libraries, but Idk if its taken in charge in their implementation..

    I wish I had a gateway and a 3ds with an old firmware. I could do a lot more testing without pestering anyone xD

    On another note, I'm looking for something like Doxygen, but for lua. Just to make a basic documentation of everything! So if anyone else has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

    I can be your test rat as I have two 3DS units on old firmware, I also have gateway but that isn't important as there is free cfw out there. the games got released today, im just waiting for a dump of the rom so I can help with data mining PSMD

  3. Been using this to edit textures for a while now and it's worked perfectly every time, but I've hit a couple of snags...

    Vivillon is the first model I've come across that doesn't seem to display the textures on the model in Ohana, so you're basically working blind. I'm trying to make some custom Vivillons with different patterns, and I'm obviously doing something wrong because all the patterns are appearing perfectly in place... but on the back of the wings. Here's the test I've been using:


    I've tried lots of variations but no luck.

    And here's what I'm seeing in Ohana when the texture is loaded:


    Normally I don't mind just figuring it out for myself but because repacking the a/0/0/8 folder takes 2-3 hours for me, it's getting a bit annoying doing trial and error.

    Another thing... where is the Brendan/May on Mega Latios/Latias stored? I can't find it in the overworld model folder. I've edited the Latios and Mega Latios overworld models to the shiny texture, and they appear correctly as Latios is preparing to mega evolve, then for a second after it mega evolves, but once you're in control, it reverts back to the standard colouration. Presumably this is because there's a separate model somewhere with the player characters on the back?

    Use rebirth, it parses bch perfectly

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  4. Yes, and he insists that he is the author.So i want to make sure wheather he tells a lie.

    Tell him he isnt the author of the game but tell him good job on the chinese translation, tell em that Flintiex is the sole creator

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  5. Hello,Flintiex.I saw this game in a chinese website yesterday,and a chinese claimed that he is the author of the game.I think he steals your game.I want to know wheather you know it. And i can help you to explode his lie.

    Link the site please

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  6. What exactly did you edit/randomize with your game?

    I just tried AS, and it worked fine for me. Here's what I randomized: Wild Encounters, Level Up Moves, Personal Data (Abilities, Held Items, TM/HM/Tutor Compatibility), Trainers (Pokemon, Abilities, Held Items, Classes)

    Personal stats, Evolutions, Level Up Moves, Wild Encounters, Egg Moves, Trainer, and Move stats, oh i also manually randomized pickup in the .code

  7. the latest Pk3ds crashes your games, if you want to randomize your game on oras it crashes straight after you choose your starter the game freezes and cuts to black, the same goes with pokemon x and y, and im not even using rxtools to decrypt the rom, im using decrypt9 with xorpads to decrypt the games so it doesn't corrupt the romfs like rxtools is known to do. Could you please fix these crashes?

  8. Also no you CANNOT play this on a PC because 3ds emulators cant run pokemon because of how big the roms are. So you would need a gateway flashcart and a 3ds or 3ds xl or new 3ds or new 3ds xl or 2ds on firmware 4.0-9.2 to play these rom hacks

  9. Well first you need to have decrypted your oras rom with xorpads or rxtools. (Only avialiable if you have firmware 4.0- 9.2) once it is decrypted you extract the encrypted romfs and exefs along with the encrypted exheader. Decrypt the exheader with xorpads or with an alternative process and do the same with the romfs and exefs. Once done you should extract the game data from the romfs and exefs. Once done copy and paste those files onto a folder. Open pk3ds and click on Open Dir (directory) choose the folder with the extracted romfs and exefs and edit whatever you want on pk3ds. My good friend SleepyJirachi made a video on how to use pk3ds to randomize what you want. Once done close pk3ds and use makerom from 3dsguy and exinjector to inject the original decrypted exheader and it will generate your editedrom.3ds then you wnjoy it on your linker (currently only gateway 3ds can play 3ds edited roms) you cant load a physical copy of the rom you have to either pirate a rom online or dump your rom from a physical cart. Randomizers are fun :) very weird tbh

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