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  1. 5 hours ago, RupeeClock said:

    I was one of the lucky ones who won tickets to the event, I got to attend had a fun time there, got to meet Shigeki Morimoto and have some merch signed, got the event Mew and saw some great Team Skull cosplayers.

    My 3DS was already hacked and I dumped my Pokémon Yellow game save as soon as I got home, unfortunately this site was still hacked at the time.

    Attached is the dumped Mew file from my extracted sav.dat using JK's Save Manager, as well as screens from PKXDelta. If you need I can also share my sav.dat file. The Mew does indeed have perfect IVs. To clarify, the save was dumped immediately after receiving the Mew, it was never stored in a box.

    Forthcoming is a video recording of actually receiving the Mew in a trade, and a couple of photos I took.

    Pokémon Festival UK 22-11-2016 Mew

    Pokémon Festival 22-11-2016 Mew dump.png

    so how do you import this file?

  2. 2 hours ago, RupeeClock said:

    This is assuming you already have homebrew or custom firmware access on your 3DS.

    • Use JK's Save Manager (JKSM) to extract your Pokémon Yellow VC Save.
      • If you are using the Homebrew Launcher version and it doesn't work properly, you may need to use the 9.6 MMAP files linked on that same page.
    • This will export a sav.dat file to your SD card under JKSM/Saves/Pokémon_Yellow/(custom folder name)/
    • Open this sav.dat file using PKX-Delta. When you open it, specify the correct game version.
    • Once your game save is open you should see your in-game team, boxes, etc. Select any slot to open the Pokemon Editor window.
    • On this Pokémon Editor window, select File and Open the event Mew file
    • Save the updated sav.dat file to the JKSM/Saves/Pokémon_Yellow/ directory, preferably in a new folder so you don't overwrite your backed up save.
    • Run JK's Save Manager again, and this time import your modified sav.dat save

    If all went well, run Pokémon Yellow and you should see the Mew successfully injected.


    can we also use PKHeX?

  3. If it ever does, that will be when. I doubt it will, and it really won't help you to do so. There is a purpose for the resetting function on Pokemon in their wrong forms, so don't waste time trying to bypass it. Some will reset after battles anyways. And at least one can cause near-permanent save issues if you do it. Genning is fine, but play the game right.

    If what you are wanting is simply to mod a party Pokemon to be better, then simply load it's file and save the upgraded one to your PC and withdraw it.

    its the only way to get a pokemon lvl to 255, that's why I wanted to know :)

  4. Guide to getting your save file open in PKHeX:

    Make a backup with Powersaves.

    Make a copy of that backup, and replace all of the bytes in the copy past 0x9C with FF: http://i.snag.gy/lem0O.jpg

    Next, download my Datel checksum corrector ( http://www.mediafire.com/download/kn2am0u4ae66s21/Datel_Checksum_Fixer.zip ). Open it up and open the edited copy, then hit save. (Remove the " - [fixed]" from the savename so that powersaves will see it.).

    Now, open powersaves, and restore the edited FF save file. (You should see two saves with identical names, it's the second one.).

    Put your cartridge into your 3ds, and go to the main menu. Then, close the game and put the cartridge back in the powersaves dongle.

    In powersaves, apply the "Slot 1 x999 modifier code." After doing that, remove your cart from the powersaves dongle, then stick it back in. Now make a backup of your cartridge's save file.

    At this point, you can restore your original save file backup.

    The backup you just made after applying the code, removing the cart, and putting it back in has garbage default data in SAVE2, but a completely blank SAVE1 -- this means it is just your xorpad for save1.

    At this point, make a copy of the backup you just made and rename it save1keystream.bin for easy remembering ability.

    You can now use this to open a save in PKHeX! If you want to open a save, XOR save1keystream.bin with the powersaves backup of whatever save you want to check out (I recommend http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/xorfiles.html ), and then delete the first 0x9C bytes in a hex editor (I use HxD). Save the file with the 0x9C header removed, and you can open it in PKHeX totally fine: http://i.snag.gy/x2jJ8.jpg

    how do I replace all of the bytes in the copy past 0x9C with FF the fastest way?
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