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  1. This convinced me to sign up, I really like this contributions thread and now I can contribute, me too.


    This is the Shiny Rayquaza distributed during the PGW in France.

    Un grand merci a toi, je n'ai vu que trop tard les posts sur la distribution, puis je ne suis pas non plus trop pres de Paris alors cette trouvaille me fait trè plaisir

    merci encore

  2. Hi,

    Does the way to get a partially decrypted ORAS Save is the same to XY ? Because I've used the same method to get the "Keystream" file. It works well for XY Save but if I try that for my ORAS saves and try to open with PKHEX beta (the latest) I get this Error message : "Unrecognized Save File loaded"

    I can acces to my party team and some info but in the box tab, some are red colored ?

    Is it due to beta state of PKHex or an error in my partial save extraction ?

    Thanks to Kaphotics and sorry for my english


  3. Has anyone got these as pk6 files and not as wonder card, I'm using a JAP game on UK 3DS so I can't across the wonder card to extract the pokemon

    Hi !

    Here is a pk6 version of the FRE Pumpkaboo I just got on my French Pokemon Y Game

    Pitrouille - FBCA924E.rar

    Edit : It seems that this event isn't available for JPN Games ? I 've tried with my JPN Game on JPN 3DS but I got a message like that : there were no gifts to be found ...

    Pitrouille - FBCA924E.rar

  4. msn152: I meant other Japanese games. Cyber is literally region-locked, as those specific Japanese-version (language chosen from the language-menu at the start of the game doesn't matter though, just the game's coded region) games are the only ones that it recognizes (There is a list of them; just check the Save Bank on the program itself).

    Try uninstalling the Cyber program, reinstall it, update it, LEAVE it in Japanese, and try seeing if it recognizes your Japanese game(s).

    Lacrima08: Have you tried getting the program fully updated while leaving it only in Japanese, then trying to use it like that? Don't add the English-mod version, just leave it Japanese (after using it once, you should know what buttons need pushed where anyways).

    Yes I've tried the original japanese program, it's works, but I think that my used game has been reseted and has no save because I've got this error : "Error while downloading decrypted save"

    Another question : what is the button "use old advanced mode " in the modded version ?

  5. Hi, all

    I've a problem to launch the modded version of Cyber Gadget Editor, when I launch the latest version it crash with error message 3DSSaveEditor has stopped working, on 2 computer using Win 7x64 and Win 8x64

    The original Version works perfectly and the old modded version too but the old modded version doesn't recognize my game

    Is there a solution to this problem ?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Hi all.

    First thanks to Kaphotics and others for their hard work !!

    Sorry if the question has already been asked (I 've tried to read most of posts but there are many ) but is it really need a Japanese card or a EU card with a save started in Japanese language can work?

    Sorry for my poor English


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