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  1. Honestly, because of all the new variables included in a gen 6 Pokémon's data, I find the safest way to gen a Pokémon is to find a legit Pokémon which is most similar to the end result you're looking for, and then just edit the relevant data. That way you preserve a lot of the hidden bits and pieces that aren't well-documented, such as extra bytes and amie/memory data, and your Pokémon will be passable to the human eye as well as to the Nintendo hack checks.

  2. The equation he gave you is the correct equation to make the calculation on whether or not a Pokémon is shiny; the reason we can't know for sure the exact formula to calculate the chances of getting a shiny is that we don't yet have all the information we need to know exactly how the PID is generated. We need this information before we can work out the chances of a shiny. I don't have the knowledge or the skill to find this out from the code, and from what I can tell very few people do. The code for X/Y is, as far as I've seen from the forums, incredibly elusive. There are still an awful lot of things we don't know. I'm sure there are people working on exactly what you're asking about, but I think there's probably far more people working on other things, such as editing in-game data. (We know it's possible, because Datel does it, and that makes it all the more tantalising!)

  3. Be careful when using the Powersaves because if you get a version of a Pokémon which is impossible to obtain, such as shiny Xerneas or Yveltal or any other shiny-locked Pokémon, you could be putting your online play at risk. I would just say be careful, and limit what you do with it.

    The Powersaves also does have a reputation for corrupting save files. This has happened to me four times since I got mine, though granted I have been using it quite an awful lot. This isn't as much of a problem if you make sure to make regular backups, but be warned that if your save file is corrupted, and you start a new game, your old backups will no longer be compatible with your new save game, and there is then no way to get your old save back. Do not start a new game.

    There have also been people saying that Powersaves has bricked their cartridge. So have a long think about how much you are willing to risk before you start using the device regularly.

  4. Well what I was suggesting is that it might be something to do with the random number generator, and numbers thrown out by the RNG can be different from console to console, and depending on time of day and things like that as well, so even if some others don't experience this issue, it would still be possible for me to be having problems because of it. I'm just interested in knowing more about this as it did seem like a glaring pointer to me that the RNG might be flawed when it comes to events.

    I'm looking for other people who experienced this issue, but these forums seem to be pretty dead in comparison to how I remember them being about a year ago.

  5. I've been soft resetting the fancy-pattern Vivillon event for a long time trying to get a decent nature - either Timid or Modest, but I'm having no luck, and I'm starting to wonder if this is a symptom of the RNG or some other function.

    I've heard people say that their fancy Vivillon is Timid, so I know it is possible, but I seriously suspect that the chances of getting it are very low for some reason, because so far I've been getting a lot of repeats of the same natures - specifically Adamant, Bashful, Brave, Jolly and Calm. It hasn't been these natures exclusively, but they appear incredibly commonly.

    Has anyone else been experiencing something similar, and does anybody know why this might be happening?

  6. Try allowing the Powersaves application through your firewall if it isn't already, or turning off your firewall completely while you plug it in. I was having a slightly different issue and despite people telling me that it was definitely a hardware issue, this solution worked for me.

    Also worth noting that sometimes the application doesn't recognise that there is hardware plugged in unless a 3DS cart is in it. Sometimes I have to plug a cart in, unplug the device and plug it back in for the computer to recognise it.

    Hope this helps.

  7. The personality value is otherwise known as the PID, and it should be the first thing you see on the first tab of PokeGen.

    A lot of the impacts that the PID has on a Pokémon are done in binary digits, so get out your calculator and convert your Pokémon's PID from hex to binary. With regards to the Wurmple issue, Bulbapedia has this to say:

    00000000 00000000
    00000000 00000000

    The value in red will be known as pw; it is essentially p % 65536.

    Wurmple's evolution does not depend on time of day, despite what many game guides say. In fact, the evolution is determined by taking pw % 10. If the remainder is less than 5, Wurmple will become a Silcoon, and if it is greater than or equal to 5, it will become a Cascoon.

    Simplified: Take the PID, convert it to binary, and delete the first 16 bits. Then convert what remains into decimal. This number is "pw". Do pw % 10, and if the number you fet is less than 5, it'll be Silcoon, if not it'll be a Cascoon.

    As for the breeding question, the PID is generated based on a number of things, and it's more than likely that the parents' PIDs would have little or no bearing on the offspring's PID. The PID is also responsible for a lot of things at once.

  8. What's important to note about a PokeGen'd Pokémon is that as long as it was made well, there's no reason why it wouldn't function like any other Pokémon. A good hack is indistinguishable from the real thing, even down to the hidden code level. So the answer is: yes, it should, unless it was made appallingly awfully, and even then I can't see any reason why the Masuda Method wouldn't work.

  9. IIRC, Kaphotics did manage to completely decrypt his save file, to the point where he was able to inject anything and everything into his game via Powersaves. It took him a lot of work and he posted a screenshot of his Bag with 999 Fairy Gems, but shortly after he made this breakthrough, Datel patched the Powersaves to fix his exploit, so unfortunately it's looking like we have another few hurdles to jump before it will be possible again.

  10. I'm sorry to hear about that. I remember how my stomach dropped when I lost my save file due to a Powersaves issue, so I can't imagine what I'd feel like if I bricked my entire game.

    My advice is to keep the cart, just in case something comes up. Can't hurt. I doubt Datel will do anything about your issue but it doesn't hurt to try, and to keep the cart just in case they do decide to help you out. That game is expensive!

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