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  1. New update! (Download)

    	- Can now travel to Celadon City through Route 7.
    - Celadon Gym is open and you can obtain the 4th badge after beating Erika.
    - Coin Case can be obtained in Celadon City.
    - Snorlax is blocking on Route 16.
    - Custom intro graphics (Thanks to Hiro_TDK)
    - Touchscreen graphics changed from green to blue.
    - Fixed an issue where some indoor maps had white textures.

    Thanks to HiroTDK for the intro graphics.



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  2. I'm not allowed to edit the main post so you can download the latest version below:

    https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=329029 (link appears to be dead?)
    Our page here:





    - Lyra has been partially replaced with Leaf.
    - Gender Selection screen now has proper Red/Leaf sprites.
    - Red's sprite is now shown when using HMs/swimming.
    - Nidoran is now shown instead of Marill on the intro.
    - ROM icon replaced with a red one.
    - Fixed Flashcart compatability.
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  3. Update.

    I could use some help creating / modifying the graphics for the game. Things like the intro or touchsceen.

    - Can get Flash from Prof Oak's aide on Route 2.
    - Moon Stone & Hp Up added on Route 2.
    - Wild Encounters updated on Routes 4, 5, 6, 11, 24 & 25.
    - Prof. Oak's last Pokemon now stays on the table throughout the game.
    - Various NPC improvements.
    - Fixed the movesets of many trainers.
    - Fixed a crash on the S.S Anne.
    - Fixed a bug where a NPC would teach you Mega Kick.

  4. Update.


    - Fairy Type implemented.
    - ORAS mini-icons added.
    - Can get Dream Eater in Viridian once you get Cut.
    - S.S Anne is closed once you get HM01.
    - Can no longer revive fossils in Pewter City.
    - Removed Sacred Ash from Route 2.
    - Fixed a bug where Brock would dissapear when you progress further in game.
    - Many NPCs and their dialogue updated.
    - Cutscene improvements.
    - Fixed a freeze that could happen on Flash Cart.
    - Old man can now be seen in Viridian after the Pokemon catching tutorial.
    - Minor cutscene improvements.

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  5. Update.

    - Route 9 now open with correct trainer battles & items.
    - You are given a potion when starting a new game.
    - Replaced the Old Man's Marill with Nidoran on Route 2.
    - Many dialogue and cutscene fixes and improvements.
    - You can now re-battle your rival when losing to him in Cerulean.
    - Item on Route 45 now removes when aquiring.
    - Pokemon Trainers in Vermillion Gym now have correct moves.

  6. Update.

    You can now get the third badge.

    - Third badge now available from Vermillion Gym.
    - Rival Battle on S.S Anne.
    - Receive HM01 from Captain on S.S Anne.
    - Added trainers with correct Pokemon on S.S Anne.
    - Trade Abra for a Jynx on Route 2.
    - Trade Nidoran(M) for a Nidoran(F) on Route 5.
    - Added many NPCs with their dialogue.
    - Removed item on Route 2.
    - Blocked various entrances on Route 2.
    - Removed the second shop keeper from marts.
    - Script and dialogue fixes.

  7. ---v0.4.1
    - Day Care added on Route 5 (allows two pokemon).
    - Event with Bill & the Teleporter scripted (WIP).
    - Team Rocket event above bridge (R25) scripted.
    - All Gym Statues now display your name when you beat them.
    - Corrected Misty's Gym trainers location and pokemon.
    - Trade with NPC in Cerulean implemented (Poliwhirl > Jynx).
    - TM43 Added to Route 25.
    - Hidden Rare Candy added to Cerulean City.
    - More NPC and dialogue updates/fixes.
    - Bike Shop dialogue implemented in Cerulean.
    - Fixed a bug where your Rival wouldn't battle you in Cerulean if Bulbasaur was your starter.
    - Fixed a bug that wouldn't send you to pokemon center if you lost the rival battle in cerulean.

    (original link dead. here's our reuploads: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/3777-pokémon-heart-red/)

  8. New Update!

    - Can now see Kanto in Town Map.
    - Misty's Gym is complete.
    - Many NPC, sprite, and dialogue fixes.
    - Pokemon follows you correctly in the scene on Route 2.
    - Updated some Wild Encounters.
    - Added NPC to Route 3.
    - Removed extra trainer from Pewter City's Gym.
    - Removed hidden items from Viridian Forest.
    - Removed double battle trainers on Route 3.
    - Removed Big Root from Route 3.
    (link dead)

    Anyone care to test this version on a Flash Cart?

  9. New update!

    - Prof. Oak now gives National Dex.
    - You now spawn directly in your room in Pallet Town. No more warping from New Bark Town.
    - You now respawn in your Pallet Town house upon losing a battle before reaching the first Pokemon Center.
    - Mom recognizes gender.
    - NPC in Viridian no longer gives Mystic Water and has correct dialogue.
    - Trainer Tower removed.
    - Pokeballs now available from Marts.
    - PokeGear given at start.

    (Link dead)

  10. tCKpf9h.png


    Current Version: v0.4.7.6 (Download)

    Last updated on 4/14/2019


    Screenshot Album


    This is a ROM hack of  Pokemon Heart Gold which aims to remake the classic game Pokémon Red. Dialogue is taken from the Gameboy Advance versions (Fire Red & Leaf Green) however there are no plans to include the Sevii Islands like there are in those games. I will be trying to make this similar to the original, but with the DS's features. This way the ROM can be used as a base for others to start their own hack. 

    There will be a Soul Blue version released once this is close enough to completion and I also plan on making a Yellow version once Heart Red & Soul Blue have been finished.


    • Updated type chart (Fairy type)
    • 493 Pokemon
    • Pokemon follow you
    • Classic GameBoy  game in DS style graphics, with touchscreen
    • Day & Night Cycle
    • ORAS mini-icons





    The archive below contains the patch and the patching program (xdelta).

    This must be applied to a Pokemon Heart Gold (U) ROM (md5: A62E7ABBC7B6A352793EC8F75E6ACE55).

    (External links dead. here's our page instead)

    Recommended Emulators: DeSmuME, DraStic (Android/phone)

    Also works on Flash carts.


    1. What are you going to do about Mt Moon and Cinnabar Island since they look different in HG compared to Red/Blue?
      • For now, I'm going to leave as is. When the hack progresses further I plan on using a map editor to make them look like the originals.


    2. Will you be expanding the pokedex?

    3. I hope so.


    4. Can we go to Johto?

    5. I will probably make a separate version once the ROM is complete which opens up the area (maybe with a story). I also want to look into the possibility of adding Sinnoh as a 3rd region.

    Known Issues / To Do

    - Trainers have the wrong dialogue & ask for phone number.
    - Pre-menu cinematic still shows johto in some parts.
    - Prof. Oak's coat should be white on the intro.
    - Red's PC should not have a mail from Lyra, but have a potion.
    - Mom References Elm when blacking out to Pallet Town.
    - Pokeball tutorial should show the Old Man.
    - Can't search Fairy type in the Pokedex.
    - Mt. Moon & Fossil Event need overhaul.
    - When try to learn mega kick and cancel, he references mega punch.


    • Chaos Rush for creating the starter selection and first rival battle
    • brtatu for creating various sprites for the protagonist
    • Tebited15 for Leaf's overworld.
    • INNERMOBIUS for Leaf's backsprite.
    • Romruto for the ROM icon.
    • BT for the logo.
    • Hiro_TDK for the intro graphics.
    • Devs of PPRE and SDSME
    • Nintendo
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