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  1. hi, are you able to change the code in such a way that it does not keep prompting you when you upload a pokemon with the same nickname?

    I might be able to do this for a future release, if I ever get time to work on it again.

    I have attached a picture of the window showing the error.

    IR-GTS doesn't like file paths that have special characters in them, notably accented letters (like the ö in your attached image). Sorry, it's not particularly international-friendly. To fix this, you should be able to either move the files to a path that doesn't have characters like that, or change the ö to an o.

    The program won't allow me to drag the .pkm file into the window. Everything else works (as long as I manually type in the filepath every time, but it is getting a little irritating for me to have to do that). I'm not sure what's going on.

    What's your OS?

  2. info 2011-04-10T15:52:12-04:00 fwmon: src=[FRIENDS IP ADDY] dst=[MY IP ADDY] ipprot=17 sport=2285 dport=53 Unknown inbound session stopped This is from a Diamond connection attempt.

    Your firewall is blocking the external connection. Anything internal will work, and anything external will not; it wouldn't matter which version of IR-GTS you use.

    New releases available! This one should fix the stat oddities previously mentioned when sending a 136-byte pkm to the game. I've also changed README.txt to be a URL for the IR-GTS wiki, so I can keep it better updated. IR-GTS v0.43 and BW v0.04 are now up on the Google Code site.

  3. I think I've figured out what the problem with incorrect stats is. When I reordered the output of statlog.txt, I forgot to reorder the inputs for another function used in boxtoparty.py. I'll have that fixed in the next version (it applies to both releases), coming soon.

    Upon the FIRST attempt, there is a "CONNECTED ESTABLISHED" every time, but the Pokémon does not send until after at least four attempts.

    Have a look at this page. The error comes before the DNS spoofing comes in, so it probably is a problem with Nintendo's GTS servers, or your connection to them. As for the ports that IR-GTS uses, it's only 80 and 53.

    Have been trying to get ir-gts-bw.py to work and I just can't get it to. The error is socket/port related and I don't have either Steam or Skype running when this occurs

    Try running it in Safe Mode w/Networking, as paperfairy was doing, to see if that fixes the error.

    does ir-gts-bw only work with pokegen? Pokegen won't let me save pkm files when I try to save them. I get an error that reads, "you must load a save file before you can save one", appears in the pokegen box.

    One more question, does Pokegen only work with roms?

    Both Pokesav and Pokegen should work, though I haven't used either personally.

  4. It's starting to seem like there is still an error with the IV/EV output. I've asked on other forums about how to straighten my situation out, but it always ends up as being inconclusive. Anyway, I have used 2 Pokemon editing tools so far- Pokesav and PokeGen, and it makes no difference. I'm trying to get a Golurk with these stats-

    So somehow the Special Attack IVs are getting mixed up with the Speed IVs.

    Have you tried depositing the Pokemon into the PC and retrieving it again? If not, it may be a problem with the 'boxtoparty' function within IR-GTS. Otherwise, IR-GTS doesn't change the .pkm file at all, so what goes in will come out on the DS. Can anyone else confirm this issue?

    Also, sorry I've disappeared from the forums the past few days. I've been pretty busy with class and work, and I have a job interview coming up that I've been preparing for. Thanks to everyone offering assistance in this thread!

  5. IR: I need your help!

    The IR-GTS BW works fine for sending to my own game on my lan, and to turn my pokes into .pkm file, but when I open the ports and try to use it to have people outside my lan use it, they can't connect with it using my public IP at all, yet I can connect with the pivate. The ports are open as I check them with the PFPortchecker program, and the 4th gen hyper GTS works fine under the same open port conditions. I am using a westell g99-6100 modem and a lynxys router.

    Like I said, I do not have this issue when using the hyper GTS program, am I missing a step somewhere that is too obvious?

    What happens when they try to connect? Do they get any errors on their DS? My guess is that your firewall is only set to partially allow Python, which would explain why you can access it on your local network, but others can't from remote networks. Make sure that Python is completely allowed through the firewall.

    Also updated the OP with a link to the CommonIssues wiki page. Keep an eye on that if you have problems with the program. At this point, it works for most people that are using it, so any problems are likely confined to the computer/network using the program. If you run into an issue not covered there, or if the solutions there don't work for you, let me know and I'll try to help to the best of my ability.

    Another quick note: if you're getting error code 13275, there's really nothing that can be done about it, aside from trying again later. Nintendo's GTS servers have been having problems recently (and who can blame them, really?), so that is almost certainly the issue with that error.

  6. Do u mean the filze size conversion tool?? if so yes some of them were put thrue that .

    You'll have to be more specific than that - do you have a link to this conversion tool? If it just changes the file size, it won't work properly. There's actual data within the .pkm file that needs to be changed. Based on what you've said, it looks like at least the nickname/OT name was not converted to the new format. I'm pretty sure both Pokesav and Pokegen can do 4<->5 conversion.

  7. Hi, I've been having problems with this. When at first I downloaded this, it would close right away. I ran it through the command prompt and it asked me to allow access or keep blocking it. I unblocked it and it stayed open. I then tried to send a pokemon to the game, but each time there is an error saying "Communication Error. Please turn the power off." I tried putting the DNS it gave me for primary, secondary(along with using my ip for the primary and without), and both. Anyone have any idea what is wrong? I'm using python 2.7 far as I know but it may be 2.7.1.

    What's the version number that IR-GTS reports?

    there the event pokemon from project pokemon site ,since they have a special ribbon gts wont allow me to send it to my pc.

    as for the actual nickname in game

    in the the summary the name comesup as normal but when in theparty view of all your your pokemon the name is in? marks .

    Wait, so you sent this .pkm to your DS? Did you do conversion from GenIV to GenV first? IR-GTS-BW doesn't do that yet.

    Thank you for your answers! one last question IR; will this newer version of the IR-GTS give out 1 pokemon over and over, or will it just do one pokemon, then I have to reload the file for the next person? I don't want to have to sit at my PC and do this! That's why I ask!

    It won't do that by default, but you can get it to send one .pkm repeatedly by changing line 90 of sendpkm.py ("while not sent:") to "while True:" Note that Bond has been having trouble with it dying after a while when using this variant. IR-GTS is mostly meant for one-shot sending/receiving; it doesn't do sustained transfers very well, unfortunately. Something to do with how it's handling its network sockets, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix that.

    I updated to version 03 from 02 and tried it up this appears.

    Then i restored the 02 version, tried and got the same.

    Check the OP.

  8. Hi IR!

    1st, thank you for this wonderful update on the IR-GTS. I have not had problems using the new program at all to download files, but when I try to use it to give out pokemon similar to what bond has done, it will not work at all for me. I get connected to Nintendo's GTS. Bond said to forward my ports like I do for Hyper GTS, but it still gives me my private IP rather than a public one for folks to connect to it who are outside of my LAN.. Is IR-GTS meant only for Personal use? can It be made to give out a pokemon to those not on my PC? I did everything as I would for Hyper GTS, but still not working.

    any help or insight you can give is appreciated.

    You can do it, certainly, you'll just have to ignore the DNS that IR-GTS tells you to use. Instead, use your public IP. Sites like whatismyip.com can help you find this.

    IR-GTS v0.42 and IR-GTS-BW v0.03 now available. BW was logging incorrect natures into statlog.txt; fixed that, and changed the order of EV/IV output for both versions.

    receiving , these are the promotional pokemon xD lugia came with name ????? OT ?ce??CE

    OBLIVIA dioxis

    name ??????

    OT ???????

    What is its actual nickname, in-game? Could you send me a copy of the .pkm that IR-GTS-BW created for you? I'm curious why that's happening too.

  9. Hehe I've just come across an amusing fact: the pokemon I transfer all appear to be traded from Tanzania.

    Hah, they must have changed the location data; it used to be East Midlands, England.

    Finally got this to work , is it a bug to get the pokemon with??? in stead of the name ?

    Were you sending or receiving? If sending, could you send me/post the .pkm you were using? If receiving, what was its nickname?

  10. testing now

    EDIT: Crap. Still getting the real GTS. My computer is on a different network than my DSi tho. My Dsi is on "8888888" and my computer is on "88888888888" (not real network names). could this cause a problem? WHen I try to connect using "888888888888" I cannot on my dsi. "88888888" is what all my portable devices are on.

    If possible, try putting the DS and computer on the same network. Otherwise, try forwarding port 53 and 80 to your computer and connecting to your external IP. If you have a guest network setup through your router, it may not work. Can anyone confirm whether they got it working with this setup?

  11. What was updated in ir-gts-bw-v0.03? I can't seem to find a changelog or anything like that.

    Also, Thanks alot for creating this incredible tool.

    Tried something to see if it would fix the problem with connecting to the real GTS. It's no longer available, since it didn't work, and I wanted to avoid that solution.

    At least one person found that their DS was connecting to a different network than the one their computer's on. Try deleting all other connections in the DS options if you're getting forwarded to the real GTS. This has also failed for others, so YMMV. Edited the OP to note this issue.

  12. For those that are getting to the actual GTS, make sure that you put your computer's IP into the first DNS slot. If that doesn't work, say what happens (Communication error, IR-GTS crash, etc.). Also check to see if the IP that IR-GTS gives you is the same as your computer's. I'm really curious as to how this is happening, because it shouldn't be possible if the DS is sending DNS requests to the computer running IR-GTS.

    If you're using a USB device or something similar for DS connectivity, though, that may be the problem. In that case, try setting your computer's (not the DS') DNS to while using IR-GTS.

    i noticed that ir-gts just crashed when someone connected when i gave it my pkm with the full file name. when i renamed it to "test.pkm" it sent fine.

    What happened when you tried with a longer name? There might be something wrong with how it reads in filenames. If the filename has actual Japanese characters, though, it almost certainly will not work; you'll have to rename those using Roman letters.

  13. Updated to v0.02. See OP for details.

    For those with Macs running into the 'reserved keyword' error, let me know what version it shows if you type in '/usr/bin/python' into the Terminal. If that is anything less than 2.7, try 'whereis python' and post the results.

    I'll be fairly busy for the next few days, so I won't be able to check this thread very often. I'll answer the questions I can, but I can't make any guarantees. I'll try to keep the OP updated with a list of common problems, so keep an eye on that as well.

  14. If I just double-click it to open it (as instructed in the readme), it opens up IDLE (along with a Python Shell)

    Try opening a Terminal, then entering 'chmod +x ' then dragging ir-gts-bw.py into the window. That should allow you to execute the file by double-clicking on it. Otherwise, you can run it straight from the command prompt, if you cd into the IR-GTS directory first.

    That shouldn't be an issue, considering that I had no trouble after changing the DNS server once, and I'm getting the same error when I try to access the GTS as I do in Test Connection, resulting in the whole thing not working.

    EDIT: What I'm saying then is that even though I changed the DNS settings, it's still trying to connect to NWFC and is failing at it.

    Also, when I just tried making the DNS server (the zorua one), it worked with no problems. If it matters, I haven't changed anything with my router's settings (does it have a separate firewall that needs to be taken off instead?), but it's an Airport extreme and I'm using a guest setting since that way I can connect without using a WPA code. I turned on a setting to let the guest network communicate with this one, but it didn't help...

    Would it be possible to try connecting the PC to the same network as the DS to see if that works? I'm guessing the guest network is the problem here.

    I am trying to run it on my Mac. I'm using Python 2.7.1. When I try to open it I get this message:

    Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/Users/Ryan/Downloads/ir-gts-bw/ir-gts-bw.py", line 12, in <module>

    from src.getpkm import getpkm

    File "/Users/Ryan/Downloads/ir-gts-bw/src/getpkm.py", line 45

    with open(fullpath, 'wb') as f:


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

    Based on that warning, it looks like it's using a version older than 2.6. Try uninstalling all versions of Python and reinstalling 2.7.1, see if that helps.

  15. I have been, was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to correct this issue is all =). Thanks for the hasty response Donmoosavi =)

    I assume that when you drag the file into the window, it adds quotes around it? That should be a fairly easy fix if so, I'll work on adding that in soon.

    Additional oddity: The GTS Negotiations system works perfectly despite the changed DNS. So the above issue only arises when I try to connect to the actual GTS from the menu (IR-GTS)

    I realize this is definitely a problem at my end but IR do you have any clue what's up? Firewalls are down, and sendpkm for HG/SS is working without a hitch

    Are you able to get into the room at all? I know that was a problem I had initially with the old code, but was able to fix it. Make sure that you have IR-GTS-BW, rather than IR-GTS.

  16. Making a new thread for this to avoid clogging up the GTS Research thread with questions specific to IR-GTS-BW.

    Download available here. Note that IR-GTS-BW is a separate release from the GenIV version, and is currently on version 0.05, rather than 0.43.

    -Japanese character support is currently unavailable - haven't been able to test what happens when you try to send a Pokemon with a Japanese nickname/OT just yet. Added a placeholder in lieu of proper Japanese character support in v0.02.

    -GenIII and GenIV Pokemon files are currently unsupported.

    For a list of common errors and possible solutions, see http://code.google.com/p/ir-gts/wiki/CommonIssues

    Several people have been connecting to the actual GTS, despite inputting the DNS settings correctly into the DS. I'm not yet sure what is causing this, but am looking into it. Make sure the DNS settings that IR-GTS tells you to use are entered into the primary DNS slot on the DS. If you are using a USB device to connect your DS to the internet, try setting your computer's DNS to Otherwise, try deleting all other connections in the DS settings, as it may be accessing a different network than the one IR-GTS is running on.

    Also make sure that your firewall is set to allow Python. If you run into problems not covered here, let me know when it failed (e.g. after first entering the GTS room), which function you were trying to use (send/receive), the OS on your computer, and what error you're getting - preferably from Python (run from a command prompt if the window closes before you can get an error message). Also, if you're trying to send a pkm when you get the error, it'd help if you could post that as well.

    NOTE: Read the Readme before asking for help. Otherwise, your request will be ignored.

    Thanks, and enjoy!


    v0.01: Initial Release

    v0.02: Japanese text placeholder. Now uses the PID as the nickname, and 'TRAINER' for the OT. Now removes quotation marks at the beginning and end of the filename, to make dragging and dropping easier.

    v0.03: Statlog.txt now reports the correct Nature. Also reordered the IV/EV output.

    v0.04: Fixed the stats generated for a 136-byte pkm file, which were broken by the previous release.

    v0.05: Shows the filesize of invalid files, and detects Dream World abilities.

  17. Great work, i honestly didnt think the gts would be cracked this fast...

    Even better, I now have a preliminary release!

    I've finally got (most) everything working. I have successfully sent and received a Pokemon from White.

    Everything is nearly the same, with a few caveats:

    -No support for GenIV .pkm files or GenIII .3gpkm files yet

    -Japanese name parsing has not yet been implemented. Not sure yet what happens if you send a Japanese pokemon to your computer. I'll work on a placeholder tomorrow, so the filename isn't completely unreadable.

    Note that this is essentially a 'beta' release, so you may run into some problems that I haven't noticed yet. If you do, please let me know via the email address in the README.txt file.

    Get it here

  18. So is an external IP still needed?

    And if so, would a proxy help?

    You do not need an external IP to make this work. I was able to successfully get into the fake GTS after adding 'socket.shutdown(SHUT_RDWR)' after every response is sent.

    Now that I have that out of the way, I should be able to finish IR-GTS-BW within the next week or so. Looking at the descriptions of the DPPT and BW .pkm structure, it looks like everything is in the same place, with the exception of the last few bytes of a party Pokemon. Is the block shuffling/encryption algorithm still the same? Haven't been able to find anything about that.

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