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  1. Hi, its my first time doing a post in the forum and i want to share my curious recent experience watching a youtube video of a channel called "King Zoroark".

    To give you more context in the video titled "I bought EVERY Used Pokemon Game, Let's Explore What's On Them" he bought every copy of all games, when he checked the soulsilver savefile i notice something, the sign at the back of the trainer card was THE SAME as mine, my name with a 2 and 0 in the middle, then when he check the team and boxes they were the SAME pokemons i updated to a forum that most of you should know.

    The interesting thing here is the character wasnt male and it wasnt the same name , just a common name and gender swap with you know wich program,the thing here is, did my savefile scale to much that they use it to inflate prices of cardtridges in random stores? or it was just for his video? i commented in his video too, i dont know him so i can dude about his innocense, what do you think?

    (please if i posted in the wrong place, let me know)



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