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  1. Linoone\xFFFF\x0000\x0000\xFFFF

    All characters in name are valid.

    This Pokémon should have trash bytes.

    But it has trash bytes, what is wrong?

    Since Zigzagoon is a much longer name than Linoone, it will have some trashbytes from Zigzagoon when you evolve it.

    Change Linoone\FFFF\000\0000\FFFF to Linoone\FFFFn\FFFF\FFFF

  2. You got to let us see the legality analysis, but looking at it right now there's a lot of things wrong with it. First of all, that kingdra has way too much EV for it's level, secondly the name is in japanese but for some reason the language says english. Also, I don't think it's possible for kingdra to even learn those moves at level 11..

    Edit: wth you can't even get a lvl 11 kingdra.

  3. Could you tell me then what the problem with these codes is?


    94000130 FFBB0000

    B2000024 00000000

    E0000F40 00000088

    055738CC ECD80000

    0B284E9E 044FA67F

    C5C020FB 56C2CEB3

    AE43C310 E663A3F5

    91001F1B BE0815F9

    F1954B57 C28050A2

    112D2D1E 513D1A59

    9D9D2641 7C30BF29

    8C57B4FA 06F14FE3

    60F6BAD0 A345A85B

    BEFB28BC F12039CC

    48909934 3DC96926

    C2DDD88D 16BC215C

    8DBE196D 20D0D412

    9A3964FC CD50AD18

    375BA980 D45FD654

    5AA9C29B ABAA449D

    D2000000 00000000

    Which version is this code for? Also, you might want to remake that. I'm getting a bunch of errors when I try to convert that code into a pokemon

  4. I'm able to pokegen a legit dream world Pokemon with its dream world ability, but not with egg moves. When I change the met from entree forest to day care and fill in the hatched egg part, it doesn't work for random wifi battles.

    I just want a legit voltbeat with prankster as ability and baton pass as an egg move. Can someone tell me how to pokegen this correctly.

    You realize that you're not allowed to be asking how to make legit pokes for competitive use right?



  5. I did just that, but now the OT trash bytes are invalid, and the nickname trash bytes are valid, but it says that they're from a German/French/Spanish game, despite being from an english game. I know that the problem isn't in pokecheck or pokegen, as you were able to get a valid one, and pokecheck verified this. I'm also running version 3.1.13 of pokegen, the latest version. Something is wrong with my trashbytes.exe or I'm just doing something wrong (the more likely of the two).

    After re-naming Umbreon to Cornell and running it through trashbytes.exe I got this...


    Probably something is wrong with your trashbytes.exe

  6. Thanks! Although whenever I ran it through trashbytes.exe I took out the trash bytes and the nickname was fine, but the OT still wasn't fixed, so I don't know if I'm just doing something wrong. And just so I'll know how to do it in the future, what if I want to give this guy a different nickname? What process should I go through to get valid trash bytes?

    Just give it any nick name, check the check box, and run it through trashbytes.exe

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