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  1. Hello, I'd like to request an Options < Settings < Blank Save Version < Home.

    This would be simulating how Home on mobile views Pokemon, not how Home on the Switch views through the eyes of SWSH.  Of course, having nothing to do with interacting with the real Pokemon Home, just simulating the functions without the data getting changed around.

    I realize there is Tools < Data < PKM Database, and while it has speed, it doesn't provide the structure or organization that the rest of the app has.  Home does have the option for a similar structure to PKM Database, though Home also includes Labels to filter boxes of Pokemon (Label ex. Box 56 and <insert custom box name>) and to order all Pokemon by their placement in boxes and the order of the boxes (exactly as the user organized them).

    It'd extremely useful to have sets of Home "saves" for different categories, with as many boxes as Home has or at least as many as Bank.  Being able to have different sets of Pokemon (unchanged and unrestricted by game) and being able to name boxes.  I figure the Home "save" will be an organized collection of Pokemon files accessible to PKHex.

    A loss of speed is welcome for the value of having that function!

    Thanks for everything!


    Here are some images of what I was talking about:

    Formatted like PKM Database, but in Box Order:



    Pokemon Home Labels (maintains the function of boxes for mobile):



    Pokemon Home Boxes:


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