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  1. For the Secret Base Flag, it didn't work as I expected.

    I've set it to 29, get a flag to change it to 30 in-game, but I didn't get a bronze rank...

    It seem it just change the value visually.

    Any chance of fixing this?

    (Ignore this, seem like I have to talk to Aarune to get up the rank. Will try this in the future)

    (Yup, it's works. My mistake...)

    Also, the characteristic of the Pokemon shown in PKhex and in-game doesn't always match.

    Especially when there are two or more same IV, re-rolling the PID doesn't help as well.

  2. - Added: SaveDataFiler detection when loading the program; will load the most recent save.

    What does mean this?

    When you open pkhex with your SD card inserted with save file exported in the 3DS, it'll load that save automatically.

  3. Hi,

    I'm using my save, which is still early in game and just got my second badge.

    When I check the Event Flag editor, I notice that Deoxys Defeated is tick.

    Is that normal? I haven't even defeat the third Gym leader, much less meeting Deoxys...

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