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    Name Beldum
    Category Iron Ball Pokémon
    Types Steel Psychic
    Ability Clear Body
    Hidden Ability Light Metal
    Description Instead of blood, magnetism flows through its
    body. When it’s feeling bad, try giving it
    a magnet.
    Height 0.6 m (1'12")
    Weight 95.2 kg (209.9 lbs.)
    Gender Genderless
    Egg Group Mineral


    Catch Rate 3
    Evo Stage 1
    Held Item 2 Metal Coat (5%)
    Hatch Cycles 40
    Base Friendship 35
    Exp Growth Slow
    Forme Count 1
    Forme Sprite 0
    Color Blue
    Base Exp 60
    Escape Rate 9
    Local Variant False


    Base EV Yield
    HP 40 0
    Attack 55 0
    Defense 80 1
    Sp. Attack 35 0
    Sp. Defense 60 0
    Speed 30 0
    BST 300

    Type Effectiveness

    Normal x0.5
    Fighting x1
    Flying x0.5
    Poison x0
    Ground x2
    Rock x0.5
    Bug x1
    Ghost x2
    Steel x0.5
    Fire x2
    Water x1
    Grass x0.5
    Electric x1
    Psychic x0.25
    Ice x0.5
    Dragon x0.5
    Dark x2
    Fairy x0.5

    Evolution Chain

    Target Method
      Metang Level Up at level 20
      Metagross Level Up at level 45
      Metagross (Mega) Mega evolve with Metagrossite

    Moves (Level Up)

    Level Move
    1 Take Down

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