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Seeking someone with AR /platinum


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This is a code for a PokeSav Gyarados.


Also Make sure your not using any other codes and make sure you insert into your code manager.

Appreciated (:

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC 388BEEFA A86D0000 7F5225EA CD818BAE B058B857 80C2C0F6 E3B41C73 A031693D C63E6948 E5A85D69 72D0179B 9DCCA4BF CAEFEC2D 508CDF3C E3A3014C 342A8B28 7E68A7D1 9D3D8A59 C92D0A74 6BAD2B49 F2CB2537 E631F5CD 8882F1F7 E3EFA07F 952B6913 47B501A1 FA0F4BC0 B2D0F554 77201F07 B3A51D85 BD5C67A6 F79769CF 12E2F1A8 3D9A0DBB F6D905C1 6529C096 DC882D46 0BE6007C 1DCB14FF C62B31E7 EED45CCF 45D1ECF3 F54B3D8B D959AEF1 72E7BBDF 1EFAB8CF E06ECB40 DAA48FE8 85BB1218 3944F3E1 F89C45B9 04465DB4 A5FD518E 895B5C0D C945BD93 3A7B60D4 75FF0806 4A2DD40A 97BCE65E 00000000 200000B0 00000000 D2000000 00000000

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I'll do that for you. :) PM me when you want to trade, I'm available at 3:00PM-8:30PM EST on weeks and 9:00AM-9:00PM EST. (EST=Eastern Standard Time)


The cheat just clears out my party. I don't get a pokemon. You should try again.

OFF TOPIC: My first cheat was an abomasnow... I remember the messed up OT and where I caught it... :)

Edited by Narwhal
Because I tested the code.
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