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Local trade in Pokemon SV is not working :/


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Hello everyone! I have a question about local trade in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.
I have a CFW switch and an original switch. I used to trade a lot of Pokemon between then (downloaded game in a modded switch and the original in a cartridge) and never had any trouble.
Recently, I updated my CFW to 16.1, along with the AMS to v1.5.5. and my CNX package.
After this update, my local play didn't work anymore.
I already tried:
- Both games are in the same version (2.0.1 with DLC Teal Mask)
- Both consoles are in the same firmware: CFW 16.1, the modded one, and OFM 16.1, the original one.
- The date/time is correct on both consoles
- I removed all the internet settings on both consoles to try the local communication
- I updated the idn_mitm to v1.16.0 but nothing changed.
Would anyone be able to help me? Thanks!
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