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Pokemon Stadium 2 Sav Help


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Hi all, i just got the sani-cart reader and i've been dumping savs and roms from my N64 Collection.


I have this Pokemon Stadium 2 that for some reason has had major problems with pokemon getting depositted into the N64 bank and then disapearing after saving.

When i open this save in an emulator or on real hardware, there are no pokemon in the boxes except for box 14. but in the PKHex there are still mons there.


Hoping to see if maybe some of the other blank boxes have any other remnant data if the save is corrupt or something like that. I have tried some hex editing like i did on a crystal save to get it opening in hex and in emulators, but i have no clue where to look on a Stadium 2 file in a hex editor.

Also note, i have made a 2nd save, after i dumped this saved, i took the box 14 off of the n64 cart and put it on an active crystal save i have, and the box was still present after i dumped the save after that modification on real hardware was completed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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