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Seeking PokeWalker EEPROM Dumps


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I'm working on a tool to analyze and extract Pokémon team data from PokeWalker EEPROM dumps and could use some help gathering a varied collection. Particularly, I'd love to get a few containing exchanged trainer data, which the PokeWalker stores when pairing with another PokeWalker.

To create a dump, there are currently two methods:

(I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to update this list with a third method allowing you to dump the PokeWalker via USB infrared dongles, but that's a ways off!)

Any dumps would be appreciated since the more data I have, the more accurate I can make the tool. Also, if you happen to know the team that's on your dump, please share that as well (especially if you have something exotic like a shiny or a 'mon with alternate forms).

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I bought a copy of Heart Gold with Pokewalker years ago, before DS games prices, especially Johto ones, got prohibitive.

I have not actually use the device nor the cartridges so it still contains the original owner data and when I found recently that dumping it is possible I have taken it out of the drawer where I had forgotten it to being able to dump it.

I initially try to use the PalmOS method by buying a second-hand PalmM500 at 10€ but unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it work.

But I was able to dump it with the DSi homebre, but to clarify, it is not necessarily a DSi. A 3DS also works. The DSi homebrew works in a 3DS with TWiLight Menu++. I confirm it.

I am not sure if the dump data contains exchange pokemon data because that requires having two Pokewalkers and I only have one. But the data is from the original owner, I never deleted it to start my own save, so maybe there is something.

If I am not making any mistakes the two files I have from the dump, pweep.rom and pwflash.rom. The first is the one that you need with user and save data while the second is the internal executable so that second file shouln't be uploaded for copyright reasons but there shouldn't be any problem with the save file.



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Okay, so I came across a used PokeWalker at a tech shop today and had the urge to buy it out of curiosity. It turns out that the old player's name (PHILMAV) is still on there somehow. As I was heading home a pidgey decided to come along on the aforementioned player's PokeWalker. I wanted to figure out a way to get that pidgey out of the pokewalker. I can't be bothered resetting the gadget, because I had the most trauma-equivalent experience when I was using the 3DS Transfer tool. Here's the ROM of PHILMAV's PokeWalker Data.


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