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Kartana Request


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Heyo everyone, hope you're well!

I came here to make a request in sheer desperation. XD

Quick context: over the past four days, I have shiny hunted Kartana in Ultra Sun with a fainted Ralts as my party lead with a Jolly Nature and Synchronize. While I was lucky enough to get four shiny Kartanas in four days, ALL four failed with Synchronize and I've reached my wits' end.


I really hope anyone can help me with this, please, and I can give one of the other shiny Kartanas as payment if you wish. I don't have any means of using PKHex, so I will trade the Kartana in question.



Pokemon Species: Kartana

Held Item: None

Level: 60

Ability: Beast Boost

Nickname (If wanted): None, already nicknamed

Trainer ID (If specific): Keeping ID

Secret ID (If specific): Keeping ID

Shiny (Yes or No): Stay shiny

Nature: Currently Serious, want Jolly

Pokérus Status: No Pokérus

Pokéball Captured In: Beast Ball

EV Stats: No EVs

IV Stats: Keep IVs the same

Ribbons (If any): None

Location/Date Met: 11/24/2022

Friend Code (If Trading): 3454-3336-9994


Sorry if I messed anything up in the format list. It is my first ever post here!



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Put conditions in spoilers.
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