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Pokemon Battle Revolution Change Connected DS Game


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I would like to change the Connected DS Game on my Pokemon Battle Revolution save.

The save started out without any DS Game connected to it, then after changing my DisplayTID and DisplaySID (to TID = 49128 and SID = 20608) I got the Pearl/HeartGold Mysterium Encounter (the one with Dialga) now I would like to change that to the Diamond/Platinum/SoulSilver Mysterium (the one with Palkia).

I have tried to set the DisplayTID and DisplaySID to the TID and SID from a Platinum save (TID = 00123 and SID = 43074) and a diffrent HeartGold save (TID = 34541 and SID = 59263) but both had the Dialga Mysterium, editing a diffrent save that was not connected to any DS to the Platinum save SID and TID also resulted in the Dialga Mysterium.

(The Custom Passes / Box feature works for all TID / SID above)


Are there any other Fields that I have to edit or is there something wrong with my ID's ?

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