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Importing Models from ORAS to XY

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Hi all, I'm working on moving the ORAS megas into XY, and as a part of the last step, I'm trying to export the .147 model files to BCH using SPICA, which SPICA can do. However, XY uses a different BCH configuration than ORAS does. XY uses version 38669, noted in the files as bytes [0D 97] , while ORAS uses version 42607, noted as [6F A6]. The thing is that SPICA outputs its BCH's in ORAS format, v42607, meaning that I can't export a BCH that can be read by XY.

I've been through a huge amount of forums posts in my search, and I've seen that people have done custom megas before for Gen 6, specifically for XY. I've looked at the files, and they're in the XY format, so I know this is a doable thing - I just haven't figured out how to take a model and export it as a BCH in XY (v38669) format.

If anyone knows the process for this, has previously done this, or anything else that might help, that would be greatly appreciated!

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