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Hi Everyone!

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Hello! You can call me Bec. I've been a Pokemon fan for most of my life; but I didn't start playing the actual games until the start of 6th grade. (Before then I just loved the anime lmao) Nowadays I like to play semi-competitively, whether on 3DS or Showdown.

I started using PKHex in April this year when I accidentally discovered a free gateway that was usable on the old 3DS I lent my cousins. And I have been happily genning ever since!

In my spare time I also host a giveaway blog on Tumblr. I'm currently hosting a free request weekend until Sunday (19/11/17) to celebrate the release of USUM. Find me at https://becs-lookalike-giveaways.tumblr.com/

It's nice to meet you all and I hope to have a good time here! :)

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