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Pokemon/Events Download


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In the Project Pokemon web page there are two categories, Event Download and Pokemon Download. I had a question about these links... How do they work? You click on the name of the Pokemon/Event then it asks "Open with..." What do I choose to Open it with? and then what do I do with it once i manage to open it?:confused:

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Try right-clicking it and hitting 'Download linked file' or something along that. It never says 'Open with...' right away for me.

Since you need to download the file and all before you use them...

After you download it, just load the file into Pokesav/PPSE.

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When I right click on it gives me these options Open Link in New Window, Open Link in new tab ,save as ,send link ,copy link location ,Yahoo (several categories under this as well) and finally properties. Then If click on it normally it pops a up a window that says...

"You have chosen to open bulbasaur.pkm (as and example ill use him)

which is a: PKM file


What should Firefox do with this file?

Open with... (List of Choices)

Save file

OK Cancel

That all so if there is anything you can do to help me now that would be great thanks xD

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Hmm... well, I don't use Firefox, but I'll take a guess:

Try using 'Save as.' Or 'Open Link in New Window' if that doesn't work. But I'm pretty sure the first will work.

That's close to what I do. (Since just clicking on files on a Mac will give you these freaky symbols and no download.)

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Good news and bad news... what you told me to do seem to be working fine until (bad news part) I accidentally made the computer open the file with internet by default!!!! so now when I save as then click open.. it opens it with internet. and it pop up a window and that window says....

Do you want to open or save this file?

Name:bulbasaur pkm.

Type: pkm_auto_file, 136 bytes

From: ( in this case) C:Users/Me/Downloads (where the file is)

Open Save Cancel

If i push open it closes the window and e old does nothing. If i push save it saves a file in the same folder the original file is in.

Now I've tried making the computer open it with other programs and none of the ones I've tried have worked Maybe you know which program i should use to open it? and how to make the computer open it with that program?


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Can't you set the default back to whatever you had in the first place?

I'd just save the file, and instead of opening it by clicking it, just open Pokesav up and hit 'Load' on your Party/PC. Then you should be able to open the file with no hassle.

It's slower, but if you can't fix the default thing, that might be a better choice.

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