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Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Mission Injector


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I have Pokemon Ranger 3 Guardian Signs (German Cartidge, PAL) and want to inject the Wifi Missions via the Mission injector. But every time I try, it fails.

First I made a backup save with the Action Replay Dsi and then transferred it via the Micro SD card to my computer. The save I got has the ending .DUC (PAL version), then I convert the save in .sav , name it PRGS.sav and then put it in the same folder like the mission injector tools. I use the mission injector with typing PRGS. Then I got a PRGS-WiFi.sav file, which I convert into .DUC again (named PRGS-WiFi.DUC) and put it onto the Micro SD card. But when I want to load the save via the action replay, problems occur and it is not possible to load the created save onto the cartridge.


I tried everything I thought it could work but it doesn´t. Can someone help me please? Maybe like an accurate tutarial how to use the mission injector step by step.

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I tried again since Monday and it finally worked. The cause of my problem was that I made a mistake when converting back from .sav to .DUC. 

Therefore, this can be closed.

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