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Problems with Black 2 Wonder Card AR codes


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Hello there

I have been trying to get the Deoxys event wonder card onto my Black 2. I have downloaded the .pgf file and opened it in PokeGen, assigned it to a wonder card slot, checked I have Black 2 set as the target game, generated the code and made sure to copy the code for the correct card slot code into my AR code manager. However, the code does not give me the wonder card or cause any noticeable change to my game when I activate it.

I have followed the steps in the FAQs for what to do if your B2/W2 event code does not work, but it has not fixed my problem.

(One thing I thought it might be is that I am copying the wrong codes. When you click export, you end up with a code for each card slot and one for used cards. I'm not sure which of these you are supposed to activate, but have tried activating: just the code for the slot I want the card in (no effect), the slot I want and the used cards code (no effect), and all at once (freezes the DS).)

I think I must be doing something fundamentally wrong for this not to work, as I am new to PokeGen. I have not found any recent wonder card tutorials so I may be working with outdated information. Any advice or a working Event Deoxys AR code to compare to mine would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: Just found this right at the end of the FAQs: "Note: These codes will not work for the non-Japanese versions of Black 2 or White 2 until PokeGen 4.0 is released." So it was me being stupid. But if these codes don't work yet, why isn't that mentioned anywhere in the guides for making them or the page of Gen V events?

Edit 2: Is there an ETA for PokeGen 4.0? Version 3.1.13 came out over a year ago, so I worry that there will never be a 4.0...

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I'm a total novice at making codes at this point, but I'm trying to figure out "master code" for B2/W2 Wonder Cards. As was pointed out to me, everything after the tenth line in a Wonder Card AR Code is the Wonder Card itself, and will be identical across all languages and versions. It's the first ten lines that hold the key. If I can figure that out, I'll absolutely share it with you.

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