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nowhere to be found pal park pokes


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yeah i was using pokesav to direct add pokemons in my save file for the pal park. when i played and entered the pal park, i was able to catch all. however the pokes just vanish like bubbles. they were caught the nowhere to be seen. they're not on my boxes even in my team. they were registered however in the dex as seen.

where the hell did those pokes go? can someone help me pls.

note: it's my first time adding pokes in the park and i'm using no$gba emulator.

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They will always hatch as level 1 but when they hatch just use pokesav to make it Lv100 straight away :wink: using No$gba makes using pokesav nice and fast.

you know how to make a pokemon in an egg though don't you? When you tick the little box that says "is egg" there is a counter next to it set that to 1 and the egg will take 1-2 minutes to hatch quick and simple,you chould hatch 5 eggs in a few minutes using this metohd :D

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