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  1. Ilex Forest's Celebi

    In Pokémon Crystal, lies an event encounter whereby users get to challenge, and potentially capture, the Mythical Celebi.
    In the Japanese versions of Pokemon Crystal, this encounter required the usage of the Mobile Communication Device.
    As of 26th January 2018 12AM (Japan time), Pokémon Crystal has been released to the Virtual Console of the Nintendo 3DS, with the only requirement for obtaining it being defeating the Elite Four. (Any instance would unlock the flag. Any other step, such as bringing the GS Ball to Kurt and waiting for one day still applies.)
    This allowed Celebi to be legitimately captured and transferred up to generation 7.

    This page was previously listed as "Classic", but is now reflected as "In-Game One-Off",
    signifying that it can be encountered in the Virtual Console release without any additional glitch, hacking or modification of any sorts.

    The details below refer to the encounter, not to the file itself.
         Species   Celebi   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   In-Game Encounter   Location   the Johto region   Dates   (Various)   PID   Chance of Shiny PID   Games   VC Crystal                                                                Lv. 30    Nature   Random   Ability   Natural Cure (1)   Item   None    Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Heal Bell   Safeguard   Ancient Power   Future Sight
      Format Ver.1.0.6-0, Post Updated Date:20180126_0156




  2. Lake of Rage Red Gyarados

    A Pokemon that was artificially forced to evolve by Team Rocket. Huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage.
     Species   Gyarados   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   (recipient)   TID   (recipient)   Distribution   Lake of Rage   Location   the Johto region   Dates   (Various)   PID   Shiny PID   Games   VC GS    Lv. 30                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Moxie (HA)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None 
        Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Thrash   Bite   Dragon Rage   Leer Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170912_1356
    Details above depicts one caught by a player, not fully representative of this file.
    If transferred from VC RBYG, it'll instead state the Kanto Region.




  3. PokeManiac Shuckle

    A Pokemon that so far holds the reign for miraculously being able to deal out the most damage in one turn.

    Shuckle can be encountered by smashing rocks, but with an appearance rate of 10% (of encounters, if one even pops up).
    This Shuckle was tasked to the player to be taken care of from a PokeManiac, after the player's rival stole said PokeManiac's Sneasel.
     Species   Shuckle   Nickname   ネッシー    OT   マニア   TID   00518   Distribution   Gift from PokeManiac 
    at Cianwood   Location   the Johto region   Dates   (Various)   PID   Chance of Shiny (?)   Games   VC GS    Lv. 15                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Contrary (HA)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None 
        Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Constrict   Withdraw   Wrap   Encore Format Ver.1.0.5-3, Post Updated Date:20170911_2304
    Details above depicts one caught by a player, not fully representative of this file.




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