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Open Applications

  • Tech Doc Editor

    Editors of technical documents are responsible for making sure everything in the tech docs section is complete, accurate, and well-formatted.

    This is not a staff position, but is instead a whitelist to ensure we have the highest quality content.

  • Pages Team

    The pages team is responsible for writing about features of games, such as what the Festival Plaza in Pokémon Sun and Moon iswhat starter Pokémon are available in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, or perhaps even strategy guides for certain items. The pages team is also responsible for maintaining a gallery of in-game images.

  • News Team

    Members of the news team are responsible for writing about current events for our front page. They also serve as moderators of the news forums.

  • Local Moderator

    We're looking for people to give individual forums the love and care they need. Responsibilities include:

    • Routinely check assigned forum to ensure users are following the rules
    • Handle reports for assigned forums
    • Engage with members whenever possible, including answering questions (if able) and participating in discussion
    • Participate in discussions about forum-specific policy such as thread prefix guidelines, forum-specific rules, or other forum-specific customizations.
    • Decide what threads to stick or feature
    • Attempt to spark activity in dead periods

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