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Thread: Pokegen, code generator

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    Pokegen, code generator

    I want to ask before anything when i make my 6 pokemon and i want to load them into my AR manager
    i go and select code generator then left bottom side i select the middle option where it says selected pokemon 6 then i click generate and it give me a code but when i load it and try using it in game it wont work wont load all 6 Pokemon and i do have 6 pokemon in my team at the moment but nothing am i doing something wrong or is it that i have to load 1 at a time.

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    Re: Pokegen, code generator

    Take a look at the combobox right above the code list after you generate them. Note that there's a different code for each individual Pokemon.

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    Re: Pokegen, code generator

    Got it, Thank you so much for the fast Reply.


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