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Welcome to the Project Pokemon Research and Development Wiki.


The purpose of this wiki is to document the internals of official and non-official Pokemon games and other aspects of the franchise. It also serves to aid in the alterations produced by the community.


Giving credit where credit is due is important to us and as such we ask that each page contain all appropriate credits. In cases where there are lists like: Notable Breakpoints, this can be done by adding a column for credits. Otherwise a credits section at the bottom of the page is preferred.


If you are interested in gaining access to edit this wiki, please create an account and PM the username to evandixon on the forums.


Game Research Guides
Trash Bytes
Pokemon breeding
RAM Research
RAM Editing and Research
ROM Editing and Research
Pokemon NDS Structure
DPP Script Commands
Technical References and Structures

Also, please help us with our incomplete articles and articles needing a cleanup.


If you have any suggestions or other feedback, make or add to a thread in our Wiki Feedback Forum.

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